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Connecting Tennis: my passion, dedication and dream. Online coaching opened me doors to thousands of new players that share the unmeasurable passion I have for this sport. They want to get better, I want to help them achieve their goals. With real coaching, real situations, real tennis!


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  • 'Matthew Kanefsky
    Unites States

    Gaston is a knowledgeable, hardworking and well trained coach, but it is is his passion and love for the game that sets him apart from the rest. His dedication and persistence does not stop and he always does his part to bring out the best in his players. He has a great attitude and outstanding coaching technique that gets passed on to everyone he trains. I am grateful to have learned from him.

  • 'Max Dvoyakin
    United States

    Gaston who has been my tennis coach for the past 2 years is gifted teacher in many ways. My overall impression of him is outstanding. He is patient, fun to be around, and able to explain all concepts in a way very easy to understand. He is great coach, because he taught me that tennis is not only about the strokes, it's also about moving your feet, and thinking about what you are going to do. Gaston would work out group hard, make us laugh and he helped me love tennis.

  • 'Brian Kramer
    United States

    While having the opportunity to play under Gaston’s instruction for a few seasons, my game has increased to a higher competitive level. Gaston stands out by using unique fun drill methods to enhance conditioning while also sharing his vast knowledge and play strategies. Gaston is consistently interested and engaged during each session. Its motivating to sense his excitement while I push my abilities. I really enjoy the intensity level. He always has a cool and positive attitude and a strong passion for tennis. He makes it easy to have fun. Im always looking forward to the next session.

  • 'Marc Mandelbaum
    United States

    I have had the pleasure of having Gaston as my coach for over 2 years. I came to him as an adult that had never played much competitive tennis and he helped me with all the aspects of my game. He was very knowledgeable and patient. I would recommend him to anyone that wants to improve their game and get the most of their abilities!

  • 'Scott A.
    United States

    Gaston is not only a true professional he is also a great instructor, motivator, health coach, & strategist. My game has gone to the next level with better strokes & more confidence. At 53 I'm playing as if I was 26 again. Thank you Gaston.


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