How To Improve Your Volley. Footwork And Technique

Hey guys! Do you feel that you are making the perfect point from the baseline and you don’t know what to do when you get to the net? Or that you are missing so many volleys that would make you wins more matches? Or even that you are close in the score ALWAYS but you are missing that little adjustment to close matches on the net? If you have any of those problems, this is the first part of series of videos for the volley that you need to see!!! Continue reading “How To Improve Your Volley. Footwork And Technique”

3-V Strategy: Dominate Your Opponent

Hey guys! I am trilled to meet you all again with this post. I was waiting for this blog for a long time. Since the very beginning, back then during the first video, I say that we will be talking about a lot of different strategies and how to apply them. I chose this one to be the first to put out there because it has a very important meaning and will work as base to keep digging into other ones in the future. Continue reading “3-V Strategy: Dominate Your Opponent”

How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin

The video describes in simple steps how to hit a “MODERN FOREHAND”. Why we call it modern? Well, in the past 10/12 years the way professional players hit their strokes has been changing. We started being all fascinated with the new model of forehand that Rafael Nadal brought into the circuit back them on his first performances on the tour, rolling the racquet over his head and hitting the ball with a crazy spin that most players struggled to figure out how to control it.  Continue reading “How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin”

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