5 Core Exercises That Every Professional Tennis Player Does

Fitness preparation makes part of the daily basis routine of every single professional tennis player as it does for every person that looks forward to improve at the sport they play. These five exercises that I’m going to show you are in the top 10 of every tennis professional and you have to make them part of yours!

Many times players feel they are doing a good workout because they are running everyday or because they are lifting weights 3 or 4 times per week. As those options help in the preparation (more the running than the weight lifting for a tennis player), there are other several exercises that most players don’t know or never experienced that provide a critical help to what a tennis player needs to improve in terms of lower and upper body and the core.

The following five exercises are just five of hundreds that exist to increase the strength of your core, but are consider into the top 10 for tennis players. Every professional player did it or does it as part of their routine and if you add them to your routine they will provide a huge value to your game and your shots.

1- Plank
Between 45 seconds a 1 minute

2- Push-Ups with Arms Rotation
10-15 repetitions with each arm (3 sets)

3- Russian Twist
30-40 repetitions to each side (3 sets)

4- Push-Ups Bringing Legs Forward
15-20 repetitions with each leg (3 sets)

5- Arms Extension/Rotation
15-20 repetitions with each arm (3 sets)

In the video you will be able to see a full explanation with movement for each exercise as well as detail information to perform the best techniques. Make this pro routine part of your training. It will change the balance and the stability of all your strokes.

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