The 3 Keys For a Perfect Serve With Slice

Very often I see players at all levels lacking a game plan or even a strategy, players that become predictable on their shots, or that focus in one single thing instead of creating different resources.

When I see a player that has variations, meaning that during a match hits all different kinds of shots and styles such as flat, slice, spin, or even changes the serves, the speeds, the high of the ball, I say “what a beautiful tennis he/she has”. Yes, it is that what makes a player different from the rest. I love to teach variations and I love players that have different resources and are able to take you around the match using them.

Basically the main reason why I decided to create one specific video for every variation of serve is exactly because of what I mentioned above, I want to give players at all levels the resources to improve and to start (if they aren’t yet) to use them on their favor to beat other players. I am 100% convinced that if you follow all the videos and blogs that I am going to be uploading, you are going to be able to dominate your game in a different direction and you will become a different and better player. Unpredictable and with the weapons to pull off matches that you couldn’t pull before.

Serve with slice from deuce side-connecting tennis

The 3 keys for a PERFECT wide serve with slice from the deuce side:

  • DON’T create an early rotation with your hips. (Trophy position is key, see video)
  • The toss has to be a little in front of you between the 12-1 o’clock. (This one will help solving the early rotation of the hips)
  • Use your hand (having the wrist free as I explain in the video) to pull the ball to the left.

In the video I did a COMPLETE explanation step by step of each key factor and how each one has to take place. Also, you guys will find a very good drill that helped me and helps players every day to have fully control of the movement of the hand in the moment of the hitting.

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