5 Exercises to Warm-Up For Tennis Players

Warm up is probably one of the most important stages of a physical activity, so why should tennis be the exception? In a daily basis I see players of all levels getting into the court, grabbing their racquets and jumping straight into the hitting, not mentioning that in some cases even the mini-tennis is skipped.  

There are hundreds of exercises that professional tennis players do before a practice or a match in a tournament. Some of them require extra material like cones, elastic bands, or even medicine balls. On this post I want to give 5 exercises that every professional does as part of their warm-up that you should include as part of yours. Best part, these ones don’t require any extra material. It doesn’t matter if you are very beginner, intermediate, or advance, the warm up HAS to be done, not only to get to the hitting with your muscles active, but most important, to protect your body from injuries. Warm up like a pro and get the best out of your tennis!

5 Minutes Jogging:

Is very important that you go from less to more. The 5 minutes should start with a pace at about 50% and end up close to the 70% of your speed.


It is important to go down with you back straight and to don’t go over the line of you toes with your knees. (15 with each leg)

Hips Warm Up (Bringing Legs Up):

Stand one step from the net, place both hands on it and wave your leg like a pendulum in front of you. Take it from right to left (when it goes to the inside take it until it reaches 45 degrees, when it goes to the outside try to reach the 90 degrees angle between the leg in the air and the one in the ground). Great exercise to warm up the hips. Starting with slow movements and increasing the speed and high of the leg as you move into the exercise. (15 to 20 repetitions)

Back and Forth In the Line:

Stand in front of the any line on the floor. Start to take your feet back and forth over the line (right forward, left forward, right back, left back). Amazing footwork exercise to fully activate the legs and start to stand on your toes (as you should be while playing). With this exercise you can start a full speed. (15 seconds non-stop)

Knees to Your Chest:

Walking forward, push first one leg towards your chest holding it from the knee (the other leg stays on the floor on your toes). Grab it from the knee, bend it in front of you and pull it up to your chest. (15 repetitions with each leg)

Those are amazing exercises that I have seen and did with a lot of professional players in and out of the court. Make them part of your warm up routine, success guaranteed!

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