How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin

The video describes in simple steps how to hit a “MODERN FOREHAND”. Why we call it modern? Well, in the past 10/12 years the way professional players hit their strokes has been changing. We started being all fascinated with the new model of forehand that Rafael Nadal brought into the circuit back them on his first performances on the tour, rolling the racquet over his head and hitting the ball with a crazy spin that most players struggled to figure out how to control it. 

I wanted to show all of you guys with this video that no matter the level you play, with practice and consistency you can learn what is called the modern forehand; basically a shot with spin that goes over the net at certain heigh and bounces deep pushing your opponent out of the court.

As you guys can see in the picture with the red marks, it is very important that all four steps (footwork, hips, tip of the racquet and back position) are being respected and applied properly. Let’s jump into the video for a full analysis and demonstration on how to hit this beautiful but most important, precise and effective shot.

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  1. Thank you for a great lesson. For high, medium and low balls: would you please elaborate details of take back, how to drop the racket before rotating forward? Racket path differences between low/medium and high ball? Thank s


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