Approach + Volley | Kill Short Balls

Heeeeey guys!! So happy to be here again creating content for you!

TODAY, we are going to see something that will change the course of your game. How many balls were floating in the middle of the court after a long point (or a short one) that you ended up missing and wanted to quit tennis?? I know, I’ve been there and it hurts! That’s why I created this video, to help you guys solve this situation!

A couple of months ago I created the 3V-Strategy and showed you how to deal with balls that come down the middle in order to increase your winning rate. This would apply for that ball bouncing in the middle and I will show you what to do and how to do it so you can win those tricky points!
Things to consider:
– Stands (when to hit close, when to hit open)
– Finishing of the form (to avoid balls in the net or missing long)
– Covering the net after the approach (always thinking a ball ahead)

Let’s take a look at the video to see how all this comes together!

I hope you guys like it! Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss anything. I’m really committed in making you a better player!! Don’t miss out the weekly emails!

See you all next time!


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