How To Hit An Overhead – Technique And Footwork

Hey Guys!! I’m so excited to be here again with you all!! Very good content today. Last time we talk about the Approach + Volley and how hard it was to build up the point, have that floating ball half court ready to come to the net and close it, and then you miss it. Disappointing I know!

Well, this time we have a similar situation. Imagine here that you made that approach, you hit that volley aaaand, here it comes again, you have a ball that is passing by you making you run back recovering the court. How do you hit that ball? Where do you play it? What is the right footwork for that overhead?

Let’s find out everything in the video. Everything you need to know about this ball, you will find it here!

Thank you guys for all the support! Until next time!!

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