Increase Forehand Power

Hey guys!! Have to be back writing for you. One of the questions (between so many of them) that I get is “How do I create more power in the forehand?” “Why you hit the forehand so fast?” Well, everything comes from repetition and training of the right technique and body movements. All the pieces coming together will help you to increase the power of you forehand.

If you pay attention to that picture with the white circles, I marked 3 points that are VERY important in order to create that extra power with the forehand.
1- Hips Rotation
2- Back Foot Rotation
3- Point Of Impact (in front of you matching the timing of the rotation)

Let’s take a look at the video to see some examples of this drill and a deeper explanation of what and how to do it!

Thanks Guys!! Till next time!! Let’s burn those forehands!!!

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