From Argentina, with a life absolutely dedicated to sports, I started to play Tennis when I was 8 years old. Not feeling that was enough, and with a Father that loves soccer, that became, of course, my other love.

As far as I remember, all I did and do is related to sports. Tennis, Soccer or even Golf (the third sport I love and practiced very serious since I was a kid) were the three columns that made me who I am today, despite the great education that I got from my parents. Lucky enough to be able to practice and compete in all of them, the age when I had to make a decision for one of them arrived just when I turned 12. I never stopped playing any of them, but I did have to pick one and focus 100% on it. So there was the time when the tennis racquet started to become an extension of my right arm. I practiced and compete in all kinds of tournaments until I graduated from high-school and there another important decision hit me. College? College and Tennis in the US? Or Pro?

For one year, I tried to make a jump into the Professionalism, but living in South America and facing all the expenses with no sponsor wasn’t easy. So then I started to consider even more the chance of coming to the US to play College Tennis and earn a degree. Around December of 2010, I was invited with all the costs covered by Sacramento State (D1) to practice and play a tournament where the winner would receive a full scholarship to be part of the team the following semester. No, I didn’t win the tournament, but that great experience I had there helped me to grow and realize that College Tennis in the US was definitely my next step in life. With some ups and downs, injuries, and breaks from the tennis courts and some other non-tennis related jobs, I landed back in the US in 2013 to finally start my College career.

There are probably a thousand things that I could say to describe such experience, but I am sure that the best expression would be: “My life changed forever”. In an amazing way of course. Today, 4 years after and married, I am working as a Coach in New Jersey, USA. Learning, growing, improving and discovering which will be the next stories that tennis will bring to my life. Follow me down the road, I want to help you to get better, let’s have fun together.


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