Increase Forehand Power

Hey guys!! Have to be back writing for you. One of the questions (between so many of them) that I get is “How do I create more power in the forehand?” “Why you hit the forehand so fast?” Well, everything comes from repetition and training of the right technique and body movements. All the pieces coming together will help you to increase the power of you forehand. Continue reading “Increase Forehand Power”

Approach + Volley | Kill Short Balls

Heeeeey guys!! So happy to be here again creating content for you!

TODAY, we are going to see something that will change the course of your game. How many balls were floating in the middle of the court after a long point (or a short one) that you ended up missing and wanted to quit tennis?? I know, I’ve been there and it hurts! That’s why I created this video, to help you guys solve this situation! Continue reading “Approach + Volley | Kill Short Balls”

How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin

The video describes in simple steps how to hit a “MODERN FOREHAND”. Why we call it modern? Well, in the past 10/12 years the way professional players hit their strokes has been changing. We started being all fascinated with the new model of forehand that Rafael Nadal brought into the circuit back them on his first performances on the tour, rolling the racquet over his head and hitting the ball with a crazy spin that most players struggled to figure out how to control it.  Continue reading “How To Hit a Modern Forehand With Spin”

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